Charitable commitment 1st

« Giving, helping, is one of my main goals.

It is the engine and the fuel that gives meaning to my work ».

Each year Patrick Montagnac takes part in a fund raising event in France or abroad. He donates canvases to the committee selected to organize the event, for each of the projects. The sums collected from sales are directly handed over to the association selected to benefit from the auction of the art works, in complete transparency. $64.000 within 4 years.

2013 SOLHANDIA & PORSCHE Club – FRANCE $ 14.000
In November 2013 diverse groups got together to consecrate their time & efforts to raise funds for the association of SOLHANDIA, which had as a project the building of a house dedicated to handicapped people. Patrick gathered the Porsche club of Montélimar together, & they managed to collect close to 14,000€ from diners at a gala dinner evening for the association.

In 2014 with the objective of giving his support to a Japanese association “Shine on Kids”, which offers aid to children with illnesses, Patrick Montagnac decided to offer several of his canvases. During the gala evening for the association held at the American club of Tokyo, the 26 September 2015, several holiday packages were put on auction, including a combined holiday package/Montagnac canvas for France, which raised 15,000€  out of the 200,000€ from the whole evening.

2015 RESSOURCE – (Cancer center) – FRANCE € 25.000
A new fund raising project has had as it’s objective the support of the creation of a “Ressource Center” in Montélimar. This center will take the form of a welcome & well-being center for those affected by cancer… during the inauguration held on the 29 April 2015, for which the objective was to collect 15,000€, the sum of 25,000€ was collected.

May 20th 2016, the artist had supported in Japan a fundraiser for the Shine on Kids association in Tokyo for a gala event. An offering of one artwork & touristic promotion (Margot Restaurant Mirmande France). This auction packages has collected  $10.000.

« Une œuvre d’art est un révélateur d’émotion » P.Montagnac